Why did we rebrand to ThinkRaven?

A much-needed rebrand.

July 19, 2021
Host / Author
McAndy Tony Duclos
BTS TV Media has been around for over 9 years, longer  if you want to include the silly videos that I made in high school as B.T.S AKA Big T Studios...but we won't include that. It started back in 2012 with a group of friends wanting to make short films together. Andrew Ackerson, Clinton St. Clair, and McAndy Tony Duclos...the 3 co-founders of BTS TV. Just like every other filmmaker, we were determined to be the top production company in town. We held our weekly meetings out of Andrew's car garage, smoking hookah and eating junk food till 2AM. In order to turn this into a business and not a hobby, we knew we needed to make money, so we started shooting weddings, music videos for local artists, and made a few bucks here and there.

As we worked on more projects, we needed to increase the production value of our work, so we brought in a new partner, Austin Winnie, who owned some film equipment.  We worked with local brands and even dabbled into the development of feature-length films, but the needle barely moved. January 2016 is when the real work began. With countless sleepless nights, not knowing if bills would be paid, it was all or nothing…The struggle was real...In fact, we lost two partners in the process, leaving Austin Winnie and McAndy Duclos to continue growing the business. We finally found a break! A guy who worked at an agency randomly walked past our office and saw that we shot videos. This was a crowdfunding agency...this is how we found our niche. 

The company reached new heights in 2018. We produced a handful of crowdfunding campaigns, worked with NFL athletes and local businesses. Still, it wasn't easy. This caused Austin to move back to Hawaii, leaving McAndy Duclos to run the company. With total control of the company, McAndy decided to niche down completely into crowdfunding and product launches, implemented strategy into its workflow, and changed the name to BTS TV Media. It worked! BTS TV Media began seeing an influx in work and new agency partnerships.

Today we're a much more serious company solving problems for some of the biggest corporations. We're a creative agency with clients all over the globe producing millions of dollars for our clients. We are in a different place now than where we were when we first started. So there was only one thing left to do. That was changing our company's name to something that fit us today. ThinkRaven was born, and here we are today.

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