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Ideal for companies who need online training, tutorials, instructional, educational, or basic in-studio video needs. Straight forward content with minimal moving parts. Great for SaaS companies.
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Ideal for companies that need top-tier branded content. Hollywood equipment, seasoned talent, and crew. FULL access to our creative agency at your disposal without the major overhead. 
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Under our retainer, you get access to our entire team, resources, and network who will handle anything from editing, multiple small projects, content for paid ads, and even internal projects.

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Project Manager

Our project manager will keep you in the loop and ensure everything stays within schedule and budget.

Script & Storyboard

Our creative team will pitch ideas to your team monthly and create the script and storyboard.


Whether it's video, photo, or design, our in-house team will handle it.

Monthly Meetings

We will meet every month to ensure that we are in sync and accomplishing our monthly KPI goals.


From logistics, casting to location scouting – Our team will handle it.


All the editing will be done internally, making sure the end product is perfect.

Quick Answers

Can you work with custom budgets that weren't mentioned on the chart?

Yes. We'll customize the scope to fit your needs and marketing strategy as long as its above $3,500.

Do you charge per hour or per video asset?

Depending on your business needs and what makes sense. We may define the scope by allocating a number of hours per month or by the number of deliverables. This would be ironed out during our strategy call.

Will I have a dedicated account manager?

Yes. You would be working with a dedicated project manager that will keep you updated on the process and be the liaison between your team and ours.

What other services do you provide?

We specialize in video production, photography, and design. We can create a custom package that best fits your business goals.

What are the benefits of doing a retainer compared to project to project?

First, booking time in advance saves you money since you're buying in bulk. Second, you get to work with a partner that understands your brand which saves time and leads to better content and experimentation. Lastly, you get priority access to a partner you trust, and don’t need to worry about whether we've already booked another project.

Will I be stuck in a long-term contract?

Nope. We believe if you're happy with our partnership, you'll continue working with us. You may terminate our partnership after the first 90 days if you please.

What if I have unplanned rushed work?

If you have rush work or an unplanned need, our staff can respond to your needs immediately.

What do you specialize in?

We are skilled across many verticals, but we are especially great at consumer based products, eCommerce, and helping SaaS businesses increase their MRR and retention rate.

You aren't local, how will that work?

Typically clients send their product to us and we could technically shoot it anywhere. For the clients that may need to appear on camera themselves, we have offices in San Diego, Austin, Los Angeles, and have an extensive network across the USA.

Are you full service?

Yes. We handle the scripting, casting, location scouting, storyboard, logistics, shooting, and editing.

Will you guys work within our workflow or culture?

We're flexible. At the start of our partnership. We'll come up with a way to integrate our processes and company culture to work for each other.

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