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Gain access to premium animated explainer videos and effectively communicate your offerings with our expert video animation services.

Build brand

Animated videos are a fantastic way to engage and educate your audience while effortlessly guiding them through each stage of your sales funnel, boosting your brand's impact along the way.

Through our direct collaboration with Parsec Studio, ThinkRaven offers vibrant 2D and 3D animation services. Our aim is to assist brands and businesses in conveying their messages clearly and compellingly through innovative and captivating animated content.

Increase conversions.

Animation videos can significantly boost conversions by capturing attention with engaging visuals, simplifying complex messages, and creating a memorable brand experience.

They enhance storytelling, resonate emotionally with viewers, and effectively communicate key messages, leading to increased engagement, stronger brand recall, and higher conversion rates.

Different Types
2d Animation
3d Animation
Motion Graphics
Stop Motion
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Animation Process

Our simple yet proven animation process that yields predictable results.


Develop a core idea and outline objectives for the animation.


Craft a compelling narrative to convey the message effectively.


Create visual aesthetics and character designs aligning with the concept.


Bring the story to life through dynamic motion and visuals.

Sound Design

Enhance animation with fitting music, effects, and voiceovers.


Finalize and deliver the animation in the desired format.


Discover the most common questions.

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How much does it cost?

The cost of our photography services can vary widely based on several factors, including the number of products, complexity of the shoot, budget, specific requirements for styling and set design, and post-production needs.  For an exact quote, it's best to discuss your specific needs with our partnership specialist.

What types of animation do you specialize in?

Our expertise covers a wide range of photography services including product photography, studio shoots, lifestyle imagery, event photography, and corporate photography assets. If you have any photography requirements, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

What is your process from concept to final delivery?

The turnaround time can differ based on how complex the shoot is. Typically, you can expect to receive the photos about 2 weeks after the shoot.

What is the typical timeline for an animation project?

Yes! We are skilled in high-quality video, design, and even marketing services to help your content reach a larger audience.

Can you assist with the distribution or marketing of the animation?

The projects showcased on our website are just a glimpse of the extensive work we've done over the past 12 years. Our experience spans various industries, including tech, food & beverage, travel, pets, home, medical, health, and wellness.

Can we retain you on an on-going basis?

Certainly, if you require creative services regularly, we offer retainer packages that might suit your needs well. Feel free to reach out to us to find out more.

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