About ThinkRaven

About us

Founded in 2012, ThinkRaven is a creative agency based in San Diego with a Los Angeles and Austin team.

The Nest

We're a semi-remote team spread across 4 cities.

We aren't here to sell you pretty pictures that do nothing for your business. With your end-user in mind, we combine the science of brand strategy and the art of video production to achieve business goals.

Years of Experience

With successful launches across San Diego, Los Angeles, and Austin.

Satisfied Clients

Over half our clients stay with us for longer than a single project.

Millions Raised

We've helped our clients raise over 20 million dollars in crowdfunding and product launch campaigns

Our Team

Meet the nest

Our small but mighty team comprises diverse and talented individuals who, from day one, are committed to our mission of producing content that engages, entertains, & solves business problems.

McAndy Tony Duclos


Orion Linnehan

Partnership Specialist

Samantha Oropesa

Project Manager

Sean Brandt

Sr. Content Producer

Paul Meredith

Content Producer

David Bazabal

Content Producer

Glenn Gasmin

Content Producer

Michael Johnson

Content Producer

Benjamin Taft

Jr. Content Producer

Natasha Garrido


Oriana Loyo

Administrative Assistant

Minseo Choi

Production Intern