About Us

About Us

We are a collective of strategists, marketers, filmmakers, designers, managers, animators, and producers united by one objective.

We're a semi-remote team spread across multiple cities. Serving clients globally.

ThinkRaven is a full-service Creative Agency headquartered in San Diego. Our expertise spans across online, digital, and broadcast TV. We're a diverse team of strategists, marketers, filmmakers, designers, animators, and producers.

With a global vision, ThinkRaven extends its reach beyond borders, strategically positioning teams in North and Central America, as well as Asia. Our capabilities include video production, photography, branding, digital marketing, media buying, and beyond.

Our approach is custom-tailored for each client, ensuring that the solutions we provide resonate with your brand's unique voice and ethos. Whether you're a startup spreading your wings or an established brand seeking to fly higher, ThinkRaven is more than just an agency; we're your dedicated creative partner.


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Meet the team

Our Team

McAndy T Duclos


Frank Soucie

Director, Brand Strategy

Jobed Desamour

Director, Operations

Thomas Arballo

Marketing Director

Gabriela Peralta

Project Manager

Paul Meredith

Production Manager

Xander Sherer

Creative Producer

David Bazabal

Production Coordinator

Artem Kuzmenko

Lead Colorist

Anna Miller

Partnership Specialist

Oriana Loyo

Administrative Manager

Selenery Leon

Social Media Manager

Are you a freelancer?

If you work as a freelancer in roles such as a Director, DP, VFX Artist, and more, you can submit your information through our freelancer form. This will allow you to be considered for potential upcoming projects in the future.