Corporate Content
for Brands

Corporate Content
‍for Brands

Videos that captivate your audience, engage employees, and communicate value with creative video content.

Humanize your brand with video.

Corporate videos can explain your brand's history and its origin, the values that have kept you going through the years, or a new product or service you are about to release. It can be informative for employees, customers, and investors alike or geared more toward recruiting new staff members and investors.

Increase brand loyalty.

Having a personal connection with your audience is more effective than any marketing material. Use brand anthem, training videos, recruitment videos, or testimonials to humanize your brand and let your audience know you, your story, and company culture.

Here are the benefits:
Brand Awareness and impact
increase engagement and loyalty
Get qualified applicants
educate your viewers
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Our Capabilities

Brand Anthem

Videos that identify your customer's pain points, introduce your product, then converts them into paying customers.

Recruitment Videos

Powerful recruiting videos that enable you to attract and engage with qualified candidates.

Training Videos

Videos designed to educate your employees or customers on the proper way to do things.

Testimonial Videos

Remote or in-person videos that feature customers talking about their positive experiences and why they love using your product.

Corporate Events

Videos that cover company events and gatherings in order to promote future events or attract investors.


Videos that help reinforce your brands features and benefits in the mind of consumers by showing them how it can help their lives.

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examples below.

Frequently asked questions

We believe in making life-long connections through great communication.

How much does it cost?

Quick answer, it depends. We do not have a "cookie cutter" approach since each client has a unique pain point and overall budget. However, working with us, we prefer to work on projects with budgets exceeding $20k.

Are you full service?

Yes. We're an end-to-end video agency. We handle everything from the the scripting, casting, location scouting, storyboard, logistics, shooting, and all of post-production.

Can you do more than just video?

Yes! We are skilled in product photography, design, and even marketing services to help your videos reach a larger audience.

How fast can you get this done?

We are pretty good at making project deadlines. However, we find a healthy timeline to be anywhere between 6-8 weeks.

Do you offer monthly video content?

Yes! Go to this page to learn more about our retainer packages.

What makes you unique?

In today's world, anyone can shoot a video. What sets us apart is our strategy. We will conduct a strategy workshop led by our strategist, where we will go over branding, messaging, Sales & Content funnel, budgets, defining an audience, and so much more.

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Need help with a project? Our team is here to help with insights on process and planning.