Creative Agency for Crowdfunding

Creative Agency for Crowdfunding

Reach your funding goal with our proven winning formula. We've helped founders raise over $20 million in crowdfunding.

Content for successful launches.

Crowdfunding is about more than raising money – it’s about building a community. A great video has the power to help you do that. It introduces your project, explains what it is and why you need it, provides evidence of your passion and creativity, connects with the backers that will eventually fund your project and gives them a reason to pledge by sharing some of the fun things they’ll get if they do.

We do more than just video.

We make crowdfunding video and photography assets that help you build an audience of early adopters, motivated to spread your message and drive sales during your launch period. These videos can be used on their own, or they can be embedded in the pages of your website to get the word out in between outbound efforts marketing your product.

Here are the benefits:
bigger email list before launch
reach funding goal within 48 hours
brand awareness
use assets post-campaign
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Our Process

Our simple yet proven video production process that yields predictable results.


We need to understand where you are and where you want to go, timeline, budget, and expectations.


Before we pick up a camera, we need to understand your customer personas, goals, competitors, and more!


We explore creative concepts that bring the strategy to life, from; video concept, casting, locations, and lock down all the other details.


We work with our in-house creative team and extensive network to execute all the needed deliverables.


Our post-production team kicks in to shape the story, color-correction, voice overs, add music, graphics and so much more!


We can continue working with you after your launch to help you scale your brand long-term video marketing needs.

Check out our video
examples below.

Frequently asked questions

We believe in making life-long connections through great communication.

How much does it cost?

Quick answer, it depends. We do not have a "cookie cutter" approach since each client has a unique pain point and overall budget. However, working with us, we prefer to work on projects with budgets exceeding $20k.

Are you full service?

Yes. We're an end-to-end video agency. We handle everything from the the scripting, casting, location scouting, storyboard, logistics, shooting, and all of post-production.

Can you do more than just video?

Yes! We are skilled in product photography, design, and even marketing services to help your videos reach a larger audience.

How fast can you get this done?

We are pretty good at making project deadlines. However, we find a healthy timeline to be anywhere between 6-8 weeks.

Do you offer monthly video content?

Yes! Go to this page to learn more about our retainer packages.

What makes you unique?

In today's world, anyone can shoot a video. What sets us apart is our strategy. We will conduct a strategy workshop led by our strategist, where we will go over branding, messaging, Sales & Content funnel, budgets, defining an audience, and so much more.

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