We'll become an
extension of your agency

Our strategic partnership is meant for marketing and ad agencies alike that are seeking creative services such as video or photography for their clients.

Maybe you've experienced a demand for video from your clients that you don't have the resources to do yourself? Or simply, you don't do it in-house and need a reliable partner. With our partnership, we provide your company with the value of added services to your current offerings.

Quick Answers

What services do you provide exactly?

- Full-service video production
- product and lifestyle photography
- 2d/3d animations

What do you charge?

It all depends on the scope and budget. However, we prefer to work on budgets starting at $10k for video.

With that said, we can create a packages that represents you and your client's specific needs.

How do I make money?

It's simple. Your client will either have a dedicated budget or inquire about pricing. When that time comes, reach out to us with the details and we will send an estimate your way - then you up charge your client...or get a percentage of the final approved budget.

Will you be working directly with my client?

We will work hand and hand with your project manager. We respect the fact that it's your client and we are simply a 3rd party partner.

Is this a white-labeled service?

No. We are trusted partners. We take on the role of a third-party agency on the project. But you'll still remain at the front end with the client while we handle things at the backend.

How fast can you work?

Every project is different, so if it's necessary, we can work very quickly. However, we will meet project deadlines.

From the moment you ping us, we can begin working on the project ASAP.

Do you only work with agencies?

No. We work directly with companies as well. Visit our homepage.

Can we just refer work over to you?

Yes! If you're too busy, a budget is too low, or you just want to pass a client or project over to us and be hands-off...

You can just refer the client over to us and you'll earn on every single reference that turns into business for us.

What's your specialty?

We are skilled in a wide range of styles...but we are extremely skilled in crowdfunding and launching new products in the market place.

Check out this page for more.

Who's the ideal partner?

The ideal partner would be a Marketing, PR, branding , or SEO agency.

Will you guys work within our workflow or culture?

We're flexible. At the start of our partnership. We'll come up with a way to integrate our processes and company culture to work for each other.


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