5 Video Ideas to grow your SaaS business

Joe Felix

March 2, 2023

As SaaS continues to benefit sectors like Education, Engineering, Finance, and Government, you’ll find greater use of SaaS by industry leaders and start ups. But the often asked question is, “How do these companies find you?” 

If you’re reading this, you probably have an understanding of why Software as a Service is a dominant business model. You probably have a product that you know will change the lives of users to an exponential degree. You’ve probably begun researching marketing agencies and video production companies that can handle content creation. And, you’ve probably even had some success with all of the above. So how do you stoke growth?

The key to moving from initial success to a growing Monthly Recurring Revenue and a lower Churn Rate is long-term brand development. Without brand development Coke remains just soda, Tylenol remains just Acetaminophen, and Levi’s remains just jeans. Why would a rational consumer go out of their way to pay more for exactly the same thing again and again? Once you look at each of their iconic campaigns the answer will be clear. What will become even more vivid is the video ads found in those campaigns. Before you begin to hum “I’d like to buy the world a Coke” let’s cover 5 video ideas that will help grow your SaaS business. Then, I’ll show you how a business owner, VP of Marketing, agency partner, or content creator can benefit from a partnership with ThinkRaven.

Product Demos

Product Demo videos are some of the first times your target audience will see value created by your product. Some, to all, of the pain points associated with a certain task can be illustrated and immediately be followed by a demonstration of your product in action solving said pain points. This is an excellent place to show the many contexts in which your product can thrive. You show that your software exists and can become a partner in their workplace needs. This happens to be one of the areas in which we create high quality content.


Tutorials lead your audience toward the understanding of what it would be like to actually use the product. User interface and workflow play a strong role in deciding what SaaS a user may want to incorporate into their life. This is also an opportunity to show how your product really shines and what they can expect to get out of it. You and your development have spent a great deal of time engineering simple solutions to common problems. A tutorial video or even a tutorial video series makes certain that the user will be properly equipped to optimize their experience.

Oh hey, would you look at that- another kind of video we’re great at creating.


Testimonials allow us to see that the problems we face are a shared experience across every industry. We are humans who use tools, and we hope that we have access to the best tools suited for our daily endeavors. Being able to see the face and sense of accomplishment and relief that a great tool may bring with it helps build trust. With the right questions, certain user experiences can be narrowed in on. Along with that benefit, the communal aspect of a testimonial video compels us to share on social media because we can see ourselves in those who work in our industry. Why wouldn’t we want to be seen by others? 

Partner with us to create compelling videos where we highlight what it’s really like to benefit from your product and how it makes us feel.

Brand Anthem

Mission videos are intrinsically linked to the make-or-break factor that will push your product past the point of consideration. Do the actions and beliefs of your company align with those held by your customers? It’s as simple as answering that question. From that point forward you can begin to work with a team of dedicated professionals to show the world why your business can be universally lauded. Consider this a self-congratulation that will lead to sales growth.

Bridging the gap between the values held by consumers and the values held by businesses happens to be a specialty of ThinkRaven. A strategy specialist is only a call away.


It’s hard to sell anyone on the benefits of branding because branding itself does its branding. This is a great opportunity to begin to cement your SaaS into its respective sector. What can be better than becoming the go-to brand? The most recognized? The brand with a trail of others chasing behind? Staying power and growth. That’s why our retainer-based partnership creates results from your investment. Those results are the feeling your customer base has when your brand has been properly developed.

A partnership with ThinkRaven brings with it expertise in all mentioned video types that will be sure to grow your SaaS business. Our tried and true ACDR video formula is the key to our success and the basis for video productions. No matter where you are in your strategy, ThinkRaven can help you get ahead.

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