Benefits of Having a Video Partner on Retainer

Natasha Garrido

March 2, 2023

Every company needs to incorporate marketing to experience growth. No matter how established they can be, there’s a reason companies like Apple and Coca-Cola still push out ads. It’s necessary. 

Video marketing isn’t just about finding the right equipment and people either, it’s all about having the right strategies to be successful – and those are constantly changing. That’s why there is a rise in the need for video production companies. 

What does it mean to have a video partner on retainer?

A retainer is an agreement or contract between a client and an agency to work on various video projects together for a period of time. The client is able to outline projects and set a timeframe for completion.  

Video retainers work with a production budget and deal with any overages and shifting expenses that come with video production. Being the experts, video production companies know the tricks of the trade and what to expect.

What are the benefits of having a video retainer?

Work with a team you trust - It’s hard to build good relationships.

Get great work with a crew that has a deep understanding of your brand, expectations, and what’s been done to continually create better content. There’s always the perk of knowing what the cost will be, too. 

Great quality at a lower cost - A video retainer is cost effective. 

They typically cost less than the annual salary of an in-house video producer. Since the service is being purchased in bulk and in advance, costs can be reduced dramatically. This doesn’t just make things easier, but saves a lot of time vs. budgeting projects individually. 

Be the priority - Eliminate looking for a trustworthy video production team. 

When there’s a need, get instant access. Do video retainer clients get priority? Absolutely. When it’s time for pre-production, these partners are scheduled first. And best of all, the longer a client is on retainer, the more an agency can be an expert for their goals and needs.

Solidify branding  - Have consistency for all content and videos released. 

Working with one team solidifies communication strategies, goals, and especially for the agency, understanding the full scope of a client’s brand guide. There will also be capacity to adjust in the event of a content shift, which is not typically found in other forms of outsourced video production. 

Video retainers are a win for both agencies and clients. Being able to properly budget + control marketing costs, and have a creative team ready for you at a moment’s notice are just some of the perks. There are truly only positives with video retainers.

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