Meet Sean Brandt!

Natasha Garrido

March 2, 2023

Meet Sean Brandt. 

A former Sr. Content Producer at ThinkRaven who is also a skater, an artist, and was crowned Prom King during homecoming. With a degree in TV, Film, and New Media Production from SDSU, he’s gotten the opportunity to take part in many indie and commercial projects. 

Like most Creatives, Sean is a Storyteller. It’s how his brain is wired. He not only enjoys the process of making an idea come to life, but also how it translates to everyone else. 

“I love working with actors, I really enjoy learning how different people’s brains work, whether on screen or talking to actors and getting feedback on the writing. Directing teaches you to be aware of other perspectives, but mindful of when to stick to yours.”

With a strong background in editing and post-production, Sean is well-versed in all stages of content creation. By being driven from the accomplishment that is completing each project, there’s no end to what he is able to create. 

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