Video Marketing in 2023

Natasha Garrido

May 19, 2023

Video is arguably the most powerful marketing tool to date. There has been a steep rise in the integration of video content in many company’s digital marketing strategy. 86% of marketing professionals use video as a marketing tool. The majority of these professionals say videos have directly helped to increase sales. That is why video marketing is so important.

It’s a business-building tool. Based on a study done by Hubspot, video content is only rising in its demand. 53% of consumers wanted to see an increase in the use of video in the future. That future is now. As creatives, and individuals who want to grow with the market, there is a need to stay on track.

The question is: What Marketing Tactics will get brands there? 

1. Focus on: Short Form Videos

Shorter videos are a great starting point, especially for companies who just started using video. They can help to:

– Establish Your Brand

– Test out where your company brings in the most value

– Be a tool to create anticipation for future projects and launches 

It’s a great form of creation while being mindful of time and cost. In addition, 58% of marketers say that short form videos lead on ROI and engagement. This can also be due to the fact that short form videos are usually the ones that go viral. And what do short form videos look like in terms of length? According to a study done by HubSpot where they surveyed 518 video marketers worldwide, “The optimal length of a video is one to three minutes.” 

2. Structure Long Form Videos

Viewers are willing to put time into brands they care about. That’s why long form videos are still on their way up and beneficial to utilize. When brands connect and captivate their audience, they are there to stay. This is seen on social media platforms like Tiktok, where creators can post videos up to 10 minutes long. The key is to figure out what content and format is best suited for your audience. 

From a study done by HubSpot, the ideal length of long form videos should be around three to six minutes. In these videos, it’s so important to reveal the brand’s identity from the get-go instead of building it up towards the end. This way, there is an instant connection with the target audience. 

3. Video Marketing on Social Media

76% of marketers use social media as a video sharing platform. There’s a good reason why. Statistically, social media has been the most beneficial to generate leads and ROI.  Be picky with the platforms you choose. Instagram, Facebook, and Tiktok are the top performers when it comes to brand engagement. There are other platforms out there that are still used but prove to disappoint when it comes to any form of engagement. Some of them being Snapchat, Pinterest, Twitch, and Reddit. 

With 61% of marketers planning to invest more into social media, it’s important to note what hasn’t been working in terms of the type of content. Screen capture videos and nostalgic content have seen a decline in ROI.

4. Is the Investment Worth It? 

Short answer is, absolutely. 

Video Marketing has proven to translate into profit. Research done by Animoto’s State of Social Video Consumer Trends, shows us these highlights:

– 93% of marketers have landed a new customer through video on social media

– Video is the number one form of content viewers want to see from brands

– 88% of marketers are pleased with the ROI from these videos

The need for video content is only rising, and more social platforms are prioritizing it. Start with creating a framework from the company’s business goals and brainstorming a marketing plan. 

5. Captivate Your Audience

With the ever-changing trends, there’s a pressing need to stay up to date in order to create desirable outcomes. Growing brand awareness and loyalty is what brings in the results. There are several options to do it, either in house or through an agency. But with that, there’s a need to factor in equipment, manpower, experience, and the direction it takes to translate an idea into leads and sales. To both entertain and educate the masses is a full time job. With the right tools and video strategy, marketing through video content doesn’t need to be a huge task. 

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